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How to set up Outlook Express to filter your spam mail

To set up your mail client to filter your spam mail, you need to create a message rule. Basically a message rule is an if/then statement - if the message contains certain words, then move it to this folder. Incoming messages are compared against the rule, and if the rule conditions are met, the message is handled as specified. Pretty simple. We're going to make a rule that will filter messages marked as spam into a special spam folder.

The first thing we need to do in Outlook Express is create a new folder for the spam to be filtered into. From the 'File' menu, click new and select 'Folder...' You need to name your folder something like "Spam" and choose where it should be created. Most people prefer to create new folders inside 'Local Folders,' however, you may choose to create it as a subfolder (inside another folder) if you wish. Click on the folder under which you want your new folder to be created, and then click 'OK.' New Folder

Now that your new folder's in place, it's time to create the rule. Click the 'Tools' menu, then select 'Message Rules' then 'Mail.'
The message rule list will appear, which at this point will probably be blank. Click 'New.'
Message Rules

Now we need to set the conditions and actions for our rule. Check the boxes that read 'Where the subject line contains specific words'  AND 'Move it to the specified folder'.  Give your rule a name, like "Spam Filter." Rule Conditions

Next, we're going to specify what the "trigger" words are and what folder to move the messages to. Click the 'contains specific words'  link in the bottom box. In the box that appears, type the word {Spam?} and click 'Add.' You will see your word move to the lower box.
Rule Words

Now type {Spam!!} and click 'Add' for that as well. Make sure to use the curly brackets {} to enclose the words, just as they are typed here. (Our mail server uses these words to specify whether a message is probably spam or definitely spam.) Once your list in the lower box contains both of these words, click 'OK.'
Rule Words

You should be back to the Conditions and Actions area. Now click the 'Specified' link. You will be prompted to choose where the spam messages should go. Choose the spam folder that we created a few minutes ago and click 'OK.' Select Folder

Now in your Conditions and Actions box, the rule should read:

Where the Subject line contains '{Spam?}' or '{Spam!!}'
Move it to the Spam folder

Click 'OK.' Now you should be back to the message rule list. (Using the above directions, you can add more message rules to further enhance your mail experience.) Click 'OK' when you are done adding rules.

You're done! Any incoming mail marked by our server as spam will now be filtered into your spam folder. You should read through this folder periodically and make sure the contents are indeed unwanted, and then delete them. Also, don't forget to empty your 'Deleted Items' folder periodically.